Spa Day: JeJu Sauna & Wellbeing

Today I’m writing my post from the spa! Yes, the spa! I learned about this little piece of heaven from a dinner with Boris Kodjoe. Yes…..I said Boris Kodjoe!  I won a dinner with him through an auction I attended for the Frank Ski’s Kids Foundation almost two years ago.  Three of my lucky girlfriends and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with great conversation with Boris and Frank Ski. We talked about everything and came across the subject of spa treatments. Boris told us about JeJu Sauna, an authentic Korean bathhouse and spa located about 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta. He made it sound so amazing that I had to check it out for myself.  Let’s just say, I now visit what I call ‘my little slice of heaven’ once a month.


The entry fee is $25 for 24 hour access to the facilities!  You can spend the night in their sleeping quarters and they have a restaurant on site.  They also have free wifi so you often see people surfing the web on their laptops or tablets.


They have 7 different saunas of varying temperatures that each have their own holistic properties.  There’s the Gold Room which helps with nerve and anxiety conditions.  The Charcoal Room helps withdraw toxins from the body.  The Red Clay Room aids in healing overused muscles and the Jewel Room which improves overall mood.


JeJu Sauna


Inside the Gold Room


Inside the Jewel Room

You can receive other services for a fee.  They have wonderful massages in which they stretch your sore muscles and they walk on your back to get to those deep back muscles. Their reflexology foot massage is a must!  In the bathhouse, you can soak in the various pools or get a body scrub with a massage.  Your skin will feel like a newborn when you’ve had one of their body scrubs!  Lastly, women can get a hip bath. What is a hip bath you ask?  This is a treatment to aid women in cleansing and removing toxins from their lady parts.  It is recommended right after menstruation.  It also aids in vaginal contraction which is recommended for women postpartum (shrink it up).   You basically sit on what looks like a chair with no center.  A pot filled with ancient herbs is heated up under your lady parts and you are then covered with a cloak that seals in the heat. You sit there between 30-45 min sipping green tea and chatting it up with your neighbors. I know it sounds a little out there, but you feel really….tingly afterwards.  Plus, I feel like a lost 2 lbs from all the sweating.




 If you’re in the Atlanta area or planning a visit, treat yourself to an all-day spa event a JeJu. You can check out their website for more info: Well, enough talk. I’m off to get my massage :-)

Fashionably yours,


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