Eyebrow Threading at Arches of Atlanta

I’m not sure what took me so long to try eyebrow threading.  I have tried every other type of hair removal under the sun.  Waxing, plucking, creams, sugaring, and laser hair removal.  All are pretty uncomfortable with unpredictable results.  A friend of mine has been threading her eyebrows for a while and was satisfied with her results so, I  finally decided to try it.  I went to Arches in Lenox Mall in Buckhead.  It’s a small place I have walked by countless times without giving it a second thought.  I was happy to see sterilizers at each station being the germophobe that I am.  They pretty much just take walk-ins so I waited a good twenty minutes before it was my turn.

Threading is an ancient hair removal method originating in India.  The technician uses a piece of thread which is pulled tautly between their hands and teeth and the hair is removed by crossing the threads and pulling the hairs out at the follicle level.  It supposedly provides a more precise control in shaping the eyebrows than waxing and is gentler on the skin.  I also saw on the Dr. Oz show it’s the best way to remove chin hairs which is a very sensitive, hormonal area on the face.  It’s pretty cheap at only $10 for eyebrows and lasts about a month.  It was equally as painful as waxing but I think I like these results better.  Check out the picture below:

Eyebrow threading

What do you think?

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