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What I Wore: Neon & Floral

The weather here has been picture perfect.  I was heading out to book club to discuss our latest book called The Book Thief.  This is a beautiful coming-of-age story set in Nazi Germany that will be a major motion picture next month.  I wanted to wear something bright and fun while the weather still permits.  I elected for a neon & floral combination.  It’s not something that obviously goes together but I think it works.

Neon & Floral

These baggy pants are so comfortable.  They feel like pajama pants and they are probably the only stylish type of pants out there that you can get away with an elastic waistband…lol!

Neon & Floral

I picked up this fun, vibrant top at Forever 21 months ago and finally found something to wear it with.  Does that happen to you a lot too?  I often purchase pieces I like that I don’t readily have something to pair it with.  It will then sit in my closet for months (or years) before I finally drag it out.  Then, of course, my husband thinks it’s something new that I just bought and I’m like “No. Really. I’ve had this for months but just never wore it!’.

Neon & Floral

Finally, these zipper booties have been a staple in my closet for years now.  I wear them to spice up an outfit, day or night.

I was wearing…

Top: Forever 21. Pants: Target. Booties: Michael Kors. Ring: Bloomingdale’s. Earrings: Macy’s. Watch: Michele.

Fashionably yours,