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Covet Fashion App: My New Addiction

My friends know I am NOT a gamer.  I have sent out several blast posts on Facebook to prevent people from inviting me to play games like Candy Crush.  I always felt they were a silly waste of time until a friend of mine introduced to me the Covet fashion app.  I’m now completely hooked! It really allows every fashion addict to live vicariously through their virtual closet creating looks and buying more covetable clothes!  The clothes come from real designers like Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Minkoff, Nanette Lepore, and Halston Heritage.  So how does it work? There are several events you can enter to win prizes for your closet and also real prizes.   You need tickets to enter the events which you earn by voting on the looks of the other players.  The looks with the highest ratings (4 stars or higher) win the prize.  The app is really creative with the different scenarios it sets for the players to create a look around.  Some of my favorites have been a vixen on a night out and a Venezuelan fling.  You are able to choose everything including hair style, skin color, make-up, jewelry….everything!  It is absolutely so much fun! Here are some of my favorite and winning looks:  

Covet Fashion App

A night at the symphony

Covet Fashion App

Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Covet Fashion App

Elegant dinner party hostess.

Covet Fashion App

The chic detective.

Covet Fashion App

A Venezuelan fling.


This game will be highly addictive to all fashionistas!

Fashionably yours,