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Heathers: Classic 80’s Fashion Flick

I have been on a 80’s movie kick lately.  Last week it was all of the John Hughes classics like Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, and the Breakfast Club.  I feel like John Hughes was the first movie director to depict teenagers acting like actual teenagers. But no movie captures teenage angst like Heathers.  This dark comedy released in 1988 starred Shannon Doherty, Winona Ryder, and Christian Slater and is a true 80’s fashion film.  I’m a little ashamed to admit I headed several cliques during my youth. But I was never as ruthless as any of the Heathers.  Still, I think that’s why I have an affinity for clique movies like this one and others like Clueless and Mean Girls.  This movie had some of the best classic quotes. Do you remember….”F— me gently with a chainsaw” or “Everyone wants me for a friend or a f—“? Oh! The classics :-)


Source: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

Besides producing some amazing soundtracks, the fashion from these films sparked trends across the nation.  You may not want to admit it now, but you know you were rocking the blazers with shoulder pads and the pleated skirts.


Source: drafthouse.com

I’m loving the pinned-up preppy look with the brooches.  That’s a look I could stand to come back.

Pinkdrip  Swatch Watch_thm

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Swatch Tri-Color Racer

Source: swatchandbeyond.com

Don’t forget about the beloved Swatch watch.  Like the one Heather#1 would have wanted Veronica to have after she passed.  These are two Swatches I actually had back in the day.  I wish I could find them because a vintage Swatch can go for around $140.

Thanks for taking this little trip down memory lane with me.  The 80’s were a fun and colorful time and it’s great to reminisce and try to inject some of that fun in our current lives.

Like totally fashionably yours,