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Ugly Sandals

You know you’re getting old when you start to see trends you wore the first time around making a return.  Remember the ugly Teva and Birkenstock sandals of the 90’s? Well……they’re baaaack!  Yes, seriously.  I have even seen them being styled with socks!  Ugly sandals are back in effect and have inspired even luxury designers like Jill Sander and Prada.  Once reserved for hiking and hacky sack, these babies are now being paired with chic capri pants and denim cut-off shorts.  The upside is that you can give your feet a rest with this comfortable trend and they can be pretty affordable at $60 for a pair of Teva sandals.  I would go cheap with this trend if you’re going to try it because I have a feeling it will be fleeting…..hopefully ;)

Ugly Sandals


Go get your ugly on!!

Birkenstock - ArizonaFlat SandalsTeva - UO X Original Sandal

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