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Super Hero

It’s so true that clothes can ignite feelings and provide you with a whole new attitude.  This outfit makes me feel like I can kick down walls like a super hero! Some of my reader expressed that they missed my outfit posts. I pretty much have been living in athletic wear lately so I haven’t done any photo shoots but I thought what the heck, my activewear is just as cute as the rest of the clothes in my closet. My favorite part about this look are the patch details on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Almost like armor. I usually shy away from printed pants but these leggings by body rock were too cute to pass up :-)






I was wearing…

Top: Lululemon. Leggings: body rock. Wedge sneakers: Target.

Work it Out: My Top Brands for Work Out Gear

I am a work out fanatic.  This also means I’m a work out gear fanatic.  Growing up as a competitive gymnast and dancer I have been active all of my life.  I enjoy yoga, pilates, tennis, and my favorite exercise….Bar Method!  Ironically, I hate to run so tennis serves as my cardio.  I attend Bar Method 4-5 days a week and tennis 1-2 days a week so, I pretty much live in active wear.  Lately, I find myself buying more work out clothing than actual street wear attire.  Well, that’s what is so great about these three favorite brands of mine.  All of their clothes are so cute that you want to wear them every where.  It also keeps you motivated during your work outs so you can stay looking good in your yoga pants :-)

Lululemon work out gear
Lululemon is probably the most well known out of the three.  The Canada-based company recently received a lot of publicity due to the whole see-through pants issue, but that has thankfully been resolved.  I must admit I am somewhat of a Lulu addict.  I feel like they were one of the first companies to take active wear to that next level of looking good from the gym to the mall.  The clothing are expensive, but to me I get my money’s worth because I wear them so much and the high quality materials keep their shape over time.  It doesn’t hurt that their pants make your rear end look super good too!
Splits 59 work out gear
Splits 59 is a company I just learned about almost a year ago.  Their line is just as expensive as Lululemon (maybe even a little pricier).  It’s only sold online or in a specialty store like Bar method. I love how their clothes have a real edginess to them with a lot of cut-outs and sheer details.  Work out gear with sex appeal. I have the flair pants in the middle and LOVE them!  They’re like a girdle that just sucks you in at all the right places.  
Karma work out gear
Karma is another Canadian company making soft, comfortable clothes.  This line is a little bit more affordable and is also sold in Nordstrom.  Their line has a more sophisticated and feminine vibe with asymmetric lines and ruffle details.  I have the mint T-shirt and wear it probably once a week.  I also have the blue jacket in black and have received numerous compliments on it.
I hope this gives you another reason to head to the gym or wherever you go to get your bootie tight!
Thanks for reading!
Fashionably yours,

Summer Fun: Rooftop Yoga & Pool Party

I just love Scoutmob!  I find the best deals on there and this past weekend was a great example.  For only $30, some friends and I enjoyed a yoga session followed by a pool party and complimentary cocktail at the W Hotel Midtown.  It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  The yoga instructor, from Tough Love Yoga, had an amazing, yet unconventional way of teaching yoga which made it even more interesting.  Here was our view from the top.


Nice, huh?

They provided some cute swag including red or neon W hotel sunglasses, beauty products by Bliss, and lululemon giveaways.  I was lucky enough to receive a lululemon gift bag with a pair of crop pants I had been longing for! #winning!!!

Then it was pool time….





Can you see the rainbow?


What do you do for summer fun?

Thanks for taking these pics with my phone Audrey Tarrant!

I was wearing…

Bikini: Delia’s (super old). Headwraps & earrings: Versona Accesories. Sunglasses: Tory Burch.  Sandals: Haviannas.

Fashionably yours,



What I Wore: Sporty Girl

I have been sort of a jock my whole life.  I just have to keep my body moving in order to feel alive and energetic.  When I was younger I was a gymnast and dancer mainly, but also participated in field hockey and lacrosse in school.  I danced all through college and during med school and residency I blew of steam with kickboxing, yoga, and bellydancing.  When I moved to Atlanta, I became heavily involved with pilates and tennis.  Now I have narrowed down my activities to Bar Method and tennis.  I try to do something active everyday which means I practically live in athletic gear.  image

Since I spend so much of my time in athletic clothing I love to shop for cute, versatile pieces that can go from the gym to Whole Foods without looking like a slob.


It’s so interesting to see some of the same trends in athletic wear as you do in fashion.  Remember when workout clothes were mainly black, white, and grey?  Now there are bright colors everywhere like in my neon yellow and mint ensemble.



I’m a huge fan of New Balance shoes and Lululemon clothes.  What are your favorite brands to burn calories in?

I was wearing…..

Shirt, tank, pants: Lululemon. Shoes: New Balance (via Nordstrom).

Fashionably yours,