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Shoe Review: Kork-Ease

Today’s shoe review will be a little different.  Instead of reviewing a pair of shoes I already own I’m reviewing shoes I want to own.  I was in my friend’s store last week and I spotted these beautiful Mary Jane pumps.  I slipped them on and they felt like heaven.  Kork-Ease is a new line to my friend’s store, but the company has been around for a long time.  Actually, since 1953.  The company is based in Brooklyn, New York and became popular for their thick, cork platform sandals.  Now they have a variety of gorgeous shoes to offer such as boots and adorable wedge oxfords.  These are the shoes that captured my heart…


Aren’t they sweet!  It’s great to find a company that can make a comfortable shoe and still maintain their modern vintage vibe.

Doctor’s Recommendation:

Ball-of-foot comfort:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: out of 5

Heel comfort: :thumbup: :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: out of 5

Tightness: :thumbup: :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: out of 5

Heel Sturdiness: :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: out of 5

Overall Wearability: :thumbup: :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: out of 5

Here are some more shoes from their fall collection:






All photos courtesy of korkease.com

If you like what you see, go to korkease.com.  If you’re in Atlanta, head on over to Happy Feet Boutique in the Town Brookhaven shopping center!

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