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Beauty Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Manicure-Update

The verdict is in! I give Nutra nail gel perfect manicure  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: out of 5.  The pros are that it is a cheaper alternative to a professional gel manicure, there are a variety of cool colors to choose from, and no UV light is required.  The cons are that it definitely does NOT last 2 weeks.  Here are my nails after 1 week.

Nutra nail gel perfect manicure

Nutra nail gel perfect manicure

As you can see, my right hand has a lot more wear and tear.  The chips formed right at 1 week.  I’m sure there is somewhat of learning curve when applying the polish.  There’s a possibility my technique could improve with practice.  I would use this product again perhaps in between manicures so I won’t have to go as often.  I will certainly have a professional manicure for any special occasions like this weekend.  I’m attending a wedding and baby shower so this what my nails look like now…

Matte navy gel manicure

I went with OPI Russian Navy with a matte top coat and glossy tips! What do you think?

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