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Get the Look: Olivia Palermo

I finally found the perfect pair of black over-the-knee boots!  Now I’m considering all the different ways to style them.  My go to has been to wear them over skinny jeans with a blazer but I’ve been searching for some more ideas.  Insert…Olivia Palermo. This style icon’s covetable fashion sense is emulated by fashionistas all over the world.  I saw this simple look in Instyle magazine and thought it was a great look to share.  What I love most about the look is its simplicity.  Olivia tends to dress very understated.  She has the distinct talent of wearing trends without looking trendy.  Her two statement pieces, the jacket and the boots, are offset with simple leggings and cardigan. The addition of the feminine blouse and belt balance the ruggedness of the jacket forming a beautifully balanced and chic look.

Get the Look: Olivia Palermo
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