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Detox with Elemis Spa Products

If you have been following the blog, you know I’ve been detoxing with the master cleanse.  What you don’t know is that I’ve been detoxing externally as well.  How you ask? Elemis Spa cellutox herbal bath salts and body oil.  While on the cruise I enjoyed some spa treatments and also had a body composition assessment (BCA).  Electrodes were placed on my feet and hands and a current was sent through my body and a machine computed my lean body mass and fat percentage.  It also computed my pH which was low (on the acidic side). The consultant explained that the reason I was not seeing the results I desired from all of my exercise was due to the acidity which causes water retention around the fat cells which results in an appearance of puffiness or bloating.  Increased acidity is secondary to the toxins we accumulate over time.  She advised me to take on a more alkaline diet with a list of foods, drink alkaline water, and detox in an herbal bath twice a week.  The herbal bath is comprised of Algae, Sea-buckthorn and Sea Fennel Extracts essential Oils of juniper and lemon that supposedly aid in drawing toxins out of the body. Prior to the bath, you dry brush your body to get the lymph circulating, and after the bath apply the cellutox oil in a circular motion on your trouble areas.

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I have enjoyed a few baths now and I like it so far.  It’s interesting to see the water color change at the end which make me think it must be doing something.  Only time will tell what sort of results I will see.  These products are pretty expensive so it will take a real visible change for me to continue.  I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he showed on the show how soaking in a warm epsom salt bath can shrink inches on the body!  I haven’t tried that yet but it might be a nice trick right before a big event or a beach day.

For more info: www.elemis.com

Happy detoxing!

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