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What I’m Digging: Tabitha Simmons

My new shoe heart throb……British fashion shoe designer Tabitha Simmons! Not only is she a fab designer, but is also an editor for Vogue and styles runway shows for Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, and Alexander McQueen.  Talk about a multitasker!  I really admire her ability to show her creativity and not be too whimsical.  Her shoes are eye-catching but not so out there you can’t wear them as an everyday shoe.  Here are a few I’m lusting over…..

Tabitha Simmons multi

These shoes have G.N.O. written all over them…

Tabitha Simmons turquoise bootie

This color is just sick!

Tabitha Simmons striped wedge

I always love a funky wedge.

Tabitha Simmons fuscia pump

Playful but I would still totally wear these to the office.

Tabitha Simmons white booties

Bam! This is  a bootie.

Tabitha Simmons printed pump

Source: All photos courtesy of tabithasimmons.com

I can’t get enough of these printed pumps.

If her collection is a little too pricey, you’re in luck.  She has a more affordable line for J. Crew.

Tabitha Simmons x J. Crew

Tabitha Simmons x J. Crew

Tabitha Simmons x J. Crew

Source: All photos courtesy of jcrew.com

Beautiful! I hope you can snag a pair. Happy shopping! Go to the website www.tabithasimmons.com and check out the double dutch video!  Those girls are going off!

Fashionably yours,