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What’s All A Buzz for Fall Fashion: Bugs?

Last week I received my Tory Burch Fall Lookbook in the mail and was super excited. As I perused the pages, my eyes were blessed by the beautiful models adorned in rich textiles such as velvet and tweed.  As usual, the next look was better than the last and then, I saw it.  A huge bug pendant on this gorgeous dress.

Tory Burch Greer Scarab Pendant Necklace

When I think of a glamorous, vintage-inspired pendant an insect is not the first thing that comes to mind.  I continued to browse the pages and also noticed her dragonfly theme, which I must say, I’m a little obsessed over.  This prompted me to see what other designers were following this trend and discovered there were many.  I have compiled a few of my favorite finds including the Tory Burch dragonfly pumps I’m simply dying over.

What's Bugging You?


So, what do you think? Will you bugging this Fall?
Fashionably yours,