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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

Source: nydailynews.com

Source: nydailynews.com

I have a new favorite waste of time. The Kardashians have sucked me in once again with the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.  I tried it because it was free and had absolutely no expectations and now I’m completely addicted! It is actually exquisitely designed and easy to navigate.  The avatars are quite exceptional as well.  When I started the game, I was a lowly sales girl at a boutique and in walked Kim Kardashian! I successfully styled her for an event after which she quickly befriended me and hooked me up with contacts that eventually led to gigs.  These gigs include modeling for various brands, appearances, and really just being me for which I get paid handsomely (sound familiar).  You require energy to complete your tasks.  You can get energy by using your stars (which you have to earn or purchase), but I have found that I can just wait for my energy to replenish.  It takes a little longer but no money is spent. The instant gratification of money and new clothes is really addicting which is why I climbed from an E-list celebrity to an A-list celebrity in just one week.  I have reached level 12 of 19, have 37.2 million fans, a condo in L.A., a house in Miami (next to Kim’s), and I haven’t spent any of my actual money to do it. If only real fame and fortune was this easy to obtain.  Well, I guess it is for some….lol! All in all, it’s a great way to pass the time next time you’re stuck in a long line or just want some mindless fun to relax.


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